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Should My Houseplants Touch Each Other?

Do touching plants bring positive vibes or negative effects which may even stop growth? [...]

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What Indoor Hanging Plants Like Full Sun?

Check out our list of the best houseplants for the brightest window in your home. [...]

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Do Plants Grow Better in Ceramic Pots? The Plants That Do

Will a ceramic pot create the healthiest environment for your plants to thrive? [...]

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What Indoor Plants Are Toxic to Cats? Top 10 Plants to Avoid.

Here's the ultimate list of indoor houseplants that are toxic to cats. [...]

Why Is My House Plant Drooping? A Quick Guide On Why & What To Do

Find out why your houseplants are drooping and what you can do about it. [...]


Do Plant Holders Need Holes? Which Ones, Why, and How To!

The delicate balance of keeping your indoor plants healthy can be a tricky subject, but [...]