The Easiest Ways To Style A Plant Hanger In Your Home

Adding a plant hanger to your home is beyond simple. We’ll show you how. Chances are you already have the perfect place in your home for a plant hanger.

It’s time to take your interior style and your houseplants to the next level, let’s go!

Find a Corner

Everyone has that sad little lonely corner in their home that’s just begging for a little life! I bet if you look up from your phone or computer right now you can see it! That is the spot my friend for your new plant hanger. 

Start with One Large Plant Hanger

We recommend starting with the BRAID & WOOD Plant Hanger in Large, it’s big enough to stand on it’s own, provide maximum style impact, and keep things easy and uncomplicated. You can totally come back later and add a few more plant hangers in different sizes when you’re feeling confident.

The Hanging Kit

When you purchase a plant hanger you’ll get all the hardware you need to install the plant hanger in your ceiling. No annoying trips to the hardware store. No searching the aisles for the right hook and anchor. We provide it all for you! All you need is a hand held drill and a hammer.

On A Flat Surface

Not ready to install something in your ceiling just yet? The BRAID & WOOD Plant Hanger looks beautiful when it’s simply placed on any flat surface. A pretty bookshelf, a side or console table, or even an entertainment center is the perfect place to style up a BRAID & WOOD Plant Hanger. 

A simple pot and plant complete the look.

Product Assembly: Make Sure Your Plant Hanger Looks Its Best

Now that you’ve found the perfect spot in your home and you’ve made your purchase, putting your BRAID & WOOD Plant Hanger together when it arrives is beyond easy.

Be sure to watch our Plant Hanger Product Assembly Video to learn how!

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