The Easiest Way To Add An Air Plant Holder In Your Home

Adding BRAID & WOOD’s V-Hanger, a stylish air plant holder, to your home is beyond simple. We’ll show you how!  Chances are you already have the perfect place in your home for our air plant holder.

It’s time to take your interior style and your air plants to the next level, let’s go!


Air Plant Holders Love A Skinny Wall

Everyone has a skinny wall in their home. I bet if you look up from your phone or computer screen right now you can see it! Just to be extra clear, our definition of a skinny wall is a wall that is around 2 to 3 feet wide and any height. This is going to be the easiest place in your home to style up a few BRAID & WOOD V-Hangers.

All you have to do is place them in a straight vertical line equally spaced apart on the wall and you’ve created a stunning living wall! 


Above Your Nightstand

Another very simple place to style up a BRAID & WOOD V-Hanger is above your nightstand or bed side table. The V-Hanger will add a unique modern touch to any bedroom. Your nightstand will serve as the perfect anchor element.

Hang the V-Hanger on your wall about a foot or so above your nightstand. Style your nightstand with a simple lamp and another potted plant to complete the perfect vignette. Finish off the styling of your V-Hanger with an air plant and some Spanish moss. 


Product Assembly: Make Sure Your V-Hanger Looks Its Best

Now that you’ve found the perfect spot in your home and you’ve made your purchase, styling your BRAID & WOOD V-Hanger and getting it on the wall when it arrives is beyond easy.

Watch our V-Hanger Product Assembly Tutorial and see how!

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