Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas That Are Easy + Elevated

Are you looking for bedroom wall decor ideas that are easy and elevated? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to take your bedroom styling to the next level with these simple and modern pieces of wall decor from BRAID & WOOD.

Create a Focal Point Above Your Bed

Placing wall decor above your bed can be tricky. You don’t what something heavy hanging over your head at night. Leaving the space above your bed empty might not work for you either. 

We placed three BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelves above this simple white headboard to create a modern touch. Adding in some greenery brings life to the space.

Here we used a few different types of air plants and some Spanish Moss. If you’d like to get more ideas on which air plants work best with the BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelf, check out this blog.


Dress Up Your Nightstand

Adding a simple BRAID & WOOD V-Hanger above your nightstand will create a stylish vignette. The nightstand will serve as an anchor to any piece of wall decor that you place above it. This way the V-Hanger doesn’t feel like it’s floating out in space. Complete the look with a pretty lamp and potted plant.

The BRAID & WOOD V-Hangers and Plant Shelves comes in a variety of finishes from shimmery gold, to a neutral frosted white, and a bold matte black if you’re going for a modern and sophisticated vibe.


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