The BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelf

The BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelf is the perfect plant hanger for the indoor plant lover. Our wall mounted plant hanger offers an easy and hassle free way to bring a little green into any space in your home. 

If you are wanting to go with a low maintenance easy to care for look, we recommend styling up your plant shelf with an air plant.

Air plants don’t need to be potted in soil and they only need to be watered or misted about once a week. If you want to learn more about air plant care you can visit this blog.

Types of Air Plants That Will Make Your Plant Shelf Look Beautiful

Here are a few air plant options that will pair beautifully with the BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelf. You can even purchase one of our favorite air plants in our online shop.


Tillandsia Juncea


Tillandsia Capitata Peach


Tillandsia Blubosa + Spanish Moss


Most speciality plant shops sell air plants. One of our favorite places to buy air plants in Cuffel Farms in San Diego, CA. Cuffel Farms has a wide variety of air plants to choose from. Don’t live in San Diego? No problem, they will ship straight to your door! 

Dried Florals Work Great Too!

If you’re feeling creative you can style up a BRAID & WOOD Plant Shelf with a pretty dried floral arrangement. It’s super easy to do and a fun DIY! We loved creating this modern dried floral arrangement for the Plant Shelf (Classic Shimmer) paired with a blush colored pot.

modern dried floral arrangement paired with braid & wood plant shelf with a blush and terracotta pot

Check out our blog on how to create your own dried floral arrangement. 

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