Indoor plant hangers

Modern indoor plant hangers created for the house plant obsessed! Add a touch of green to every space in your home.

Elevate your Plants

It’s time to take your indoor plants to the next level. BRAID & WOOD’s modern wall mounted and ceiling suspended plant hangers will elevate the look of your houseplants & your home.

Make your indoor plants shine.

Clean & modern

I really like how clean & modern my BRAID & WOOD Plant Hanger is. It’s also very well made and I know it will be in my home for many years! These plant hangers also make great house warming gifts.

Karen R.

Love the style

BRAID & WOOD products are like works of art! I love that it’s an original design and it can’t be purchased at any old big box retail store. It makes me so happy to look at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Stefanie G.

I had to buy more

I bought two Plant Shelves from BRAID & WOOD and I was so impressed I bought four more! Their products are modern, trendy, unique but most importantly they show good craftsmanship. 

Tell me if you can relate? 

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