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Wholesale Plant Hangers by BRAID & WOOD Design Studio

BRAID & WOOD Design Studio designs and manufactures modern indoor plant decor products. Our products are made from high quality materials like stainless steel, maple, white oak, and dark walnut.

Suspended and wall mounted designs allow plant lovers to showcase their green-thumbs while still being conscious of space. 

Our Products & Process

Owner and product designer Jennifer Braidwood stays true to her personal design aesthetic of modern minimalism when designing products for BRAID & WOOD. Each product is thoughtfully designed in San Diego, CA. Our high quality hardwoods are precision cut on a CNC machine and each product is then hand assembled in our product assembly facility 45 minutes south of the California/Mexico border. BRAID & WOOD products are then shipped to our San Diego warehouse and then shipped to their final locations.


This is our second order with BRAID & WOOD and they look soooo nice in our windows. Our customers love them.

Rachel / The Plant Shack

Absolutely Love…

Our customers are in love with these plant hangers and we have such a hard time keeping them in stock. They are so well crafted and for the price they couldn’t be better.

Ariel / Botanic & Luxe

Gorgeous Work

We are in love with these pieces. They are minimal, modern, trendy, and well made. Each unit is so beautiful. We would highly recommend this product.

Johanna / For Good

ARE BRAID & WOOD’S WHOLESALE PLANT HANGERS a good fit for your store?

List of current retailers

BRAID & WOOD products are currently sold in 130+ retailers in the United States & Canada.

Our design are modern and do well with shops that share a similar look and feel. The ideal retailer is already stocking indoor plants and ceramic vessels to which BRAID & WOOD products can serve as an additional styling accessory.

Our products are artisan made and do well in retail locations that are comfortable with average price points of $45 and above.

If your customers are indoor plant lovers that appreciate modern design, well crafted products, and are willing to pay a slightly higher price point for unique pieces, then BRAID & WOOD products are the perfect fit for your store.

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