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Botanical Lifestyle Products by BRAID & WOOD Design Studio

BRAID & WOOD Design Studio creates modern home decor products for houseplant lovers. 

Bringing life & vitality into the home will always be on trend. BRAID & WOOD products do just that & allow plant lovers to showcase their green-thumbs while still being conscious of space. 

Our Products & Process

Each product is thoughtfully designed in San Diego, CA. Our high quality hardwoods are precision cut on a CNC machine and each product is then hand assembled in our product assembly facility 45 minutes south of the California/Mexico border. BRAID & WOOD products are then shipped to our San Diego warehouse and then shipped to their final locations.

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Elevate Your Plants

BRAID & WOOD products bring life & vitality into the home through design. Enjoy a modern spin on home decor for houseplant lovers. We offer a variety of product options including ceiling suspended plant hangers, wall decor, as well as plant stands and pots. 

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This is our second order with BRAID & WOOD and they look soooo nice in our windows. Our customers love them.

Rachel / The Plant Shack

Absolutely Love…

Our customers are in love with these plant hangers and we have such a hard time keeping them in stock. They are so well crafted and for the price they couldn’t be better.

Ariel / Botanic & Luxe

Gorgeous Work

We are in love with these pieces. They are minimal, modern, trendy, and well made. Each unit is so beautiful. We would highly recommend this product.

Johanna / For Good

ARE BRAID & WOOD’S WHOLESALE PLANT HANGERS a good fit for your store?

List of current retailers

BRAID & WOOD products are currently sold in 130+ retailers in the United States & Canada.

Our design are modern and do well with shops that share a similar look and feel. The ideal retailer is already stocking indoor plants and ceramic vessels to which BRAID & WOOD products can serve as an additional styling accessory.

Our products are artisan made and do well in retail locations that are comfortable with average price points of $45 and above.

If your customers are indoor plant lovers that appreciate modern design, well crafted products, and are willing to pay a slightly higher price point for unique pieces, then BRAID & WOOD products are the perfect fit for your store.